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  • Do you have a problem with all the clutter on your desk? No, not the paper kind. Its all those USB devices. Here's an site that solves that problem with a little bit of pegboard. Total material costs of about $30 will give you a clutter free desk by putting all those devices mounted under the desk.

  • The June, 2007, issue of Popular Science magazine contained a good safety tip from a user that involved a simple USB drive: "Before our family went to Disneyland, we bought three 32 megabyte drives, one for each of our sons and one for us, all with the same program, phone numbers and 'secret phrase' on them. We labeled the USB drives 'I'm Lost,' tied them to lanyards and tucked them into our boys' shirts. We told the boys to give the drive to someone if they got lost. At Disneyland, our three-year-old did just what we thought he would do - he disappeared. Within 13 minutes of his being lost, though, my cellphone rang. Security had plugged the USB drive into a computer and seen the automatic message. When we went to retrieve our boy, the guard asked for our USB drive with the matching secret phrase on it."

  • Ever wanted to know what you could do to speed up your Windows XP system? Here are some items that you can do. List is courtesy of Free PC Tech.

  • Article on keeping your system running faster. Courtesy of Forever Geek.

  • RockXP is a utility that retrieves the activation codes from your Microsoft software. Handy if your system came preinstalled with software. Run this, copy down the codes and retrieve them if you need to reinstall.

  • Can't select the Windows XP style for your XP desktop? See our article on how to fix it. Courtesy of JSI FAQ.

  • Want to get rid of the "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items." message in IE. See our article on how to remove it.

  • Looking for a 2007 calendar? Why pay for one when you can download one from Microsoft for Free? Microsoft has many 2007 calendars available (Link) for you to download for free. To use them, all you need is Microsoft Word.

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