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Thursday 27 March 2008
Outage Update
The following is the latest update from the hosting provider:

Note: This message may seem like a message you have already seen, please read it there is added information about the status of the cluster you are in.

Sorry about the downtime. A lot of you have already been receiving blingy status messages. Blingy is your cluster of machines for web, mysql, and email. The main file server for this cluster is having serious problems.

We have been working on this file server for a while and unfortunately our efforts have not produced a permanent solution. We currently are moving users and data from the file server onto a new one. This unfortunately takes time to complete but we are working towards giving the file server more breathing room. We are also in the process of adding a third file server to the cluster and we will be moving even more data there as well.

The moves are running and things are going okay for the most part. We are still dealing with occasional problems with the file server that we are addressing immediately so as the moves run you will still notice problems in service.

Please hang in there, we will get this resolved as soon as we can. If you would like an update on the status of this issue, since it is considered an ongoing issue, please send support messages to blingystatus@dreamhost.com. You will receive a message similar to this one with an update on steps we are taking. Please also keep in mind that you must write from a contact address listed on your account or the message will bounce.
If problems occur we will address them right away to get your sites back up, but we want to get this issue resolved rather than just fixing it as problems happen.

Sorry for the downtime and overall poor service caused by this file server.

For those of you who wish to cancel your service and receive a refund, please contact me directly at ralph@dreamhost.com and I can give you further information on that. Please note that you must also send that message from the contact email address on your account.

Some of you are also asking when this issue will be fixed, I wish I had concrete information for you, but if I had to estimate I would say by the end of the week. Unfortunately I can not guarantee the issue will be fixed by then, but we are focusing on this issue presently and that will go a long way to us finding a solution.
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